Lido Chelo is located in the heart of the beautiful Bosa Marina bay, one kilometer away from the picturesque medieval town of Bosa, on the northwestern coast of Sardinia island.

The property has direct access to the beach where you can practice many kind of sports like Widsurf, Kait-surf, snorkeling. Nearby you can find horse riding centers, tennis courts and other many more sports facilities.

If you want to relax and and enjoy the typical Sardinian specialties you will find numerous local shops and restaurants some of which are adjacent to our structure where our guest are always welcome.


EventS and Curiosities:

Year after year, Bosa renews many traditional and noteworthy events. First of all, the typical Carnival of Bosa (Karrasegare Osincu), known as one of the most fun and engaging events of Sardinia, which recalls thousands of tourists from all over the world. In addition to the massive parade of floats and masks on Fat Thursday, it continues with the winery festival which allows the tourists to visit the ancient cellars, and taste a delicious glass of wine and typical local malvasia. The carnival ends on Fat Tuesday with the typical “S’attittidu” and Giolzi rites.

The spirit of the carnival is always present throughout the year and it is easy to realize it by talking to the locals who are known for their sympathy, wandering, desire to socialize and their taste for life. A summer version of the Bosa carnival has been started a few years ago. It takes place in August, and its success is increasing year after year attracting many tourists curiosity. “Santa Maria del Mare” and “Regnos Altos” are two other typical events that take place respectively in the first week of August and in the second of September.

The agenda of events is getting richer and richer every year even for those who want to visit Bosa in autumn or winter. Relax is guaranteed with visits to Malaspina Castle and St. Peter’s Church, sports activities such as boating, the Artisan Beer Festival, Open Cellars, Wine Roads and lots of other cultural events.


  • Carnival of Bosa (Karrasegare Osincu) with the winery festival, “S’attittidu” and “Giolzi” rites.
  • April:

  • Homebrew festival
  • August:

  • Santa Maria Stella Maris and the boat procession along the Temo river ;
  • Summer Carneval of Bosa;
  • Homebrew festival


    Nostra signora di Regnos Altos (second week of September).